About us

We are Italian custom marble designer specialized in the creation and sale of precious marble artworks.

Italian craftmanship

We create and sale high-quality works of art sculpted in an exclusively artisanal way.

We use precious marbles used since Roman times and thanks to our professionalism and experience we are able to enhance the preciousness and beauty of the stone.

The sculptors who collaborate with us are Italian and use the working techniques of the traditional Roman sculptural school.

Italian sculptors      Traditional tecniques      Ancient Roman marbles

Our experience in creating marble works of art has ancient roots. Our purpose is to give the possibility of being able to own a work of art that has a timeless beauty in it.

Founder & CEO

Gianluca Tabarroni

Born into a family of marble workers with over thirty years of experience, he inherited a passion for marble and afterwards
Working in the family business, he had the opportunity to create marble for houses, villas and luxury hotels in various parts of the world, forming his artistic sense among the beauty of the furnishings and precious marbles.

He decides to open Fine Marble Sculpture in order to be able to globally share and sell sculptures and works of art in marble and precious stones of unparalleled quality.
He makes use of the experience of top-level sculptors with whom he collaborates in the creation of works of art.